March 30, 2009

Approaching 40

OK, so I know I'm still 21 months off, but already I'm thinking of the slide that is the road to 40. I remember back to when I was in this position approaching 30, the attitudes I had to life, people, situations, my dress sense, and now feel in a similar place again 2 years out of hitting 40.

I remember a couple of years ago noting the "40" thing that makes people want to wear tighter t-shirts and jeans, possibly in order to show that the body, now it's 40, is still in good shape, and thinking that I'd never do that and remain true to my (hopefully) better dress sense. Without realising it, I have, over the last few months, invested in a larger number of t-shirts, possibly to show off that my body, now that I'm approaching 40, it's still in good shape..! Without realising it, I've subscribed to the one thing I always thought was a bit funny. Having said that, t-shirts are a lot more comfortable at time, so I'm prepared to give in on that bit!

March 29, 2009

The first post

Well this is my first post on Dinsypedia. I created this blog with the intent of plugging it into my strange and rambling thoughts. Typically many of these have dried up since the blog's activation, so I shall wait patiently for them to commence again.