February 8, 2010

My FebFast Journey

For the month of February, I have joined FebFast and cut out alcohol in an attempt to have a bit of a detox. While the idea of a detox sounds like something I'd do, giving up alcohol, as a lot of my work people would understand, may be a very tough thing to do.

FebFast invites people to participate in a booze-free February, and at the same time raise funds to support organisations working in research, prevention and service delivery concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs by young people. This year’s proceeds from registration payments and fundraising go towards the Australian Drug Foundation, Mater Health Services – Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service (Qld), Ted Noffs Foundation (NSW & ACT), Youth Substance Abuse Service (Vic) and FebFast’s grants program for smaller grass-roots organisations.

I celebrated my last January drinking day by having two small bottles of white wine on the flight back from Perth (a rather nice Grosset Reisling), and doing the turkey. The cold one.

Starting Weight: 81kg
Waist: 89 cms/35"

I'm hoping that with the fairly good diet and the moderate but regular amount of exercise I do, the above stats will start to change (i.e. go down!) a little the further I get into this.

We'll see...

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