November 21, 2010

Summary of 2010's running

Spring Into Shape Race 3 2010 As another year draws to a close, and I stick some more race numbers up on the wall in the study, I pause to think about how my training and running in general has gone this last year.

In what seems like only a few months ago, but was really more like twelve, I decided that 2010 was the year that I give up my fun runs and look after the body a little more. Of course, that didn't happen, and I competed in 5 different runs with no thoughts of giving up.

The Spring Into Shape series runs September, October, November each year and has a 4 and 8 km run. This year, they offered a 12km option as well. Having entered the 4 km runs previously, this was the year to up the pace a little, so I entered the 8 km option for the series.

To avoid lots of words any typing, this year, I experienced the following with my running:
  • Ran in Spring Into Shape series (3 races, 8.5km each)
  • Ran in Melbourne Marathon (5km race)
  • Ran in Run Melbourne (5km race)
  • Entered Olympic Dream, which got cancelled due to poor numbers (come on Melbourne!!)
  • Brief recurrence of shin splints
  • Numerous other tight bits after racing
  • Winning a new pair of Mizuno runners at "Run Melbourne"
  • Running the first race of Spring into Shape in the new runners and not being able to walk for three weeks afterwards (have since gone back to my trusty ASICS)
  • Doing a run technique session with Liam from Vigor Health & Fitness
  • Doing a regular stretch class the day after the race
  • Being diligent with pre and post race stretching, compression and icing

My Spring Into Shape times were as follows:
Race 1 (September) 0:53:53.7
Race 2 (October)   0:56:04.4
Race 3 (November)  0:54:20.5
Melbourne Marathon 5km 2010
The common threads for each race, not just the series, were as follows:
  • The first 300 meters are always the easiest 
  • The rest is not so easy
  • The key is to not stop running, just slow down instead
  • The key is to also run at a consistent pace, my watch tracks pace which is invaluable
  • The last 200 metres is always the easiest
  • Always wear a watch that tracks distance because there's a difference between net time and gun time
  • There are some inspiring people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities out there who are running
  • There are some seriously fit and fast people out there
  • Running tights really suit some people
  • Running tights really do not suit some people
  • A bit of technique can go a long way

While the thought of "maybe it's time to retire from running" has again crossed my mind, I am determined not to give up completely, and soon, the regular run group at Vigor may have another member. Just because I'm turning a number with a zero in a few weeks is no means to give up. In addition, it will become part of the necessary preparations prior to my UK trip in 2011.

My Personal Trainer should also note the cap that I wear in each race is a bit of advertising for him!

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